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Friday, 14 December 2012

With Many Thanks

We would like to thank all of the Golden Thread poets for reading at St. John's during the last 3 Edinburgh Festivals and all of you who came along to listen. Also St John's Church and the Cornerstone Bookshop for providing such superb venues and to those who generously sponsored the readings - without your help, they would not have been possible. 

This site too, would not have existed without your contributions. Many thanks for all the wonderful and inspiring poems and images.

This will be the last posting on the blog, but it will of course, still be available to view, reference, and link to. 

Two Quintas from Spain

Silent -
the land lies under sunlight -
spread yellow earth, red earth,
swept in tender circles round the olive trees
as if the sun’s broom was at work

Silent -


his blue eyes look out into distance -
olive trees in rows as regular as needlework
sweeping down the slopes -
dark green stitching
against dust-coloured earth.

his blue eyes...

Morelle Smith(words and images)

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