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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Programme for Readings at the Cornerstone Bookshop August 2012

We are delighted to announce that the programme of readings for August 2012 is now complete. We have a great lineup for this year and we look forward to welcoming readers and audience to our new venue, the Cornerstone Bookshop, just below St John's Church, Edinburgh. (text below is the same as in the flyer, only in larger print)

in the Cornerstone Bookshop (independent, inclusive, ecumenical, charitable)
St John’s Terrace, Princes Street Edinburgh, EH2 4BJ

All events from 5.30 – 6.30 pm : with songs from Toby Mottershead on the terrace afterwards

Tuesday 7th August

A C Clarke : compassionate poems about anatomy and atheism
Lesley Harrison: poems of birds and landscapes, minimal, exact
Anne Murray: well-made poems, well-read, well-travelled, well-thought

Wednesday 8th August

Rosie Alexander: personal discovery and local feeling, a young poet from Orkney
Morgan Downie: also an artist, his poems draw from life and landscape
James Robertson: poems in Scots on political, historical, mythical and environmental themes

Thursday 9th August

Tom Hubbard: international poems in English and Scots, lyrical or satirical
Nalini Paul: deeply thoughtful poems inspired by nature and experience
Morelle Smith : an exploratory traveller, she addresses the inner and outer journey

Tuesday 14th August

Chrys Salt: ‘seriously good, thoroughly individual’, reading from her new collection
Pauline Prior Pitt: alternately funny and poignant, the older woman, island life

Wednesday 15th August

Patricia Ace: poems of family, relationships and nature
Dawn Wood: a scientific mind brings simple subjects, wonderful connections

Thursday 16th August

Lesley Duncan: her poems range from history to the contemporary, with acute observations
Hugh Macmillan: well-made well-delivered Scots historical comment, erudition and wit

Tuesday 21st August

Jila Peacock: translations of Hafiz and Rumi read in Persian and English
Tessa Ransford: her new book is ‘don’t mention this to anyone’

Wednesday 22nd August

Alexander Hutchison: philosophical, witty, aware and finely-written poems
Jim Aitken: angry at injustice yet tender and humane, poems of possibility

Thursday 23rd August

Tessa Ransford and Iyad Hayatleh: A rug of a thousand colours: poems and translations inspired by the five pillars of Islam, bilingual in Arabic and English.

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