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Monday, 11 July 2011

Golden Thread of Poetry Readings 2011

The Golden Thread of Poetry readings will take place at St John’s Church in the west end of Princes Street, Edinburgh on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9th August until 25th August at 2 pm in the café.

The Festival of Spirituality is charging for the venue this year, so we have chosen the café rather than the much more expensive venue of the church. It has also meant that the readings are reduced in number from eight to six.

However the poets not included have other readings: Pauline Prior Pitt and Chrys Salt at Word Power bookshop, West Nicholson Street, Edinburgh 24th August at 1 pm, and Jila Peacock at Rosslyn chapel on Sunday 28th August at 5.30 pm.

All these readings are free and given freely. Books will be on sale at the Cornerstone Bookshop, below St John’s church.

The complete listings will be posted shortly.

What is hidden in our chests?



Laughter secret, laughter hidden

trapped in my chest

splitting my sides

deep in my heart

the interior court

which is the anywhere

angels are happy

Tessa Ransford

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