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Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Nature of Things

Hermes with Gift, is Dawn Wood's new poetry collection, published by The University of Abertay Press.

Cover image is by the Scottish artist Ronald Forbes, whose work is currently showing at Perth Museum and Art Gallery (until 15th October).

Hermes with Gift can be bought online at the University of Abertay Press
.and is also for sale at Perth Museum and Art Gallery.

On the Nature of Things is from this collection


Just as a hummingbird – one so small

it is no more than a moth, half the length

of your thumb – still has the correct parts

overlaid and sleek, so it is with atoms.

Just as a baby sparrow can’t help

the gorgeous patterning of white spearheads

on its breast, a feast for St Sebastian,

so it is with atoms. Omnipresent,

plain and overlaid with only void.

The void that takes the form of a human

hand, that holds the gift of a thorn,

the spur of a rose, a greener field.

Dawn Wood


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