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Thursday, 3 February 2011



“Do not become too fond
of life, a favourite green
and long-stemmed glass for wine,
and finely etched, a friend.
Find in Refusal an end –
for all shall equally
be taken.”

Or find peace in attachment so
intense: to wine, to lover, friend, locale,
Life sparks in common miracle.
Swear by red-ochre, soot-black, yellow
work-words, dye-words, bee-words,
clay-words, fish fin dicing, slicing sea-
words, bird-wing winding, binding sky-
words, tree-root gripping, tripping Earth
so hard, that when, just once, they fly,
their happiness is magical; a birth
and buzz. They hum. They sing. They die.

Walter Perrie

from his new book: Lyrics & Tales in Twa Tongues
published by Fras

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  1. thank you for these lyrical words, so life-affirming. Sorry I was not able to be at your launch the other day, I hope it went well,