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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Approaching the Solstice

At this magical time of year Nature reminds us of its elemental power. In our cities it is sometimes hard to see the stars but away from artificial lights we can see more clearly the subtle illumination of the heavenly bodies.

Joseph Proskauer points out the astronomical phenomena and gives us two winter images of Cairn Holy.

"This year the solstice, which marks the rebirth of light in the darkness, has some added drama: As every winter, the sun's path across the sky is becoming lower and shorter day by day. Meanwhile, the moon is waxing (beginning as a thin crescent on December 9th), as well as travelling in ever higher and longer arcs across the sky; it reaches its highest path -- and becomes completely full -- on the very eve of the winter solstice. And on solstice morning (December 21st) . . . as the full moon gets ready to set . . . just before the sun rises at its southernmost point . . . there will be a total eclipse of the moon!"

Ruby Elizabeth Littlejohn's photograph is of her painting entitled
I am the Weaver of Dreams, she said.

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  1. Lovely images and nice info about the Solstice...thank you